Saturday, September 6, 2014

Swiss Days 2014

We Bryan girls took our annual trek to Midway, UT. for Swiss Days last weekend.
It's always a blast!...super warm, but worth it :)

A few local shops are part of the festival and this year I discovered a quilt store in one of them.  It was hidden upstairs.  This was a sign I saw at the checkout.  Love it!

My super cute sisters in law at lunch...

 ...and my super sweet mother in law.

I loved this big old peacock!  
When a breeze comes along it's head and tail feathers bob up and down!
They had mini ones too.  I was quite tempted but resisted the urge :)

This was my haul this year...

Some of my favorites:
a pink '30s fabric to add to my collection, what I hope is a civil war repro. fabric (what do you think Mom?) and when I see a bee fabric, I can't pass it up.  I had just a sixth of a yard cut...just enough to get some hexies out of.

A lovely, hand painted, wooden bowl

There was a booth with some awesome vintage prints but they were kind of pricey so I had to narrow it down to just one.  I think I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of eating candy corns but I love to decorate with them :)

...and a lovely, little stained glass beehive.

As always, a big thanks to my Mom and Dad for their help in getting the kids off to school that morning and to Andy who allows me to go each year and spend money :)

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  1. Found it!
    Love that quilt shop sign--Gregg would agree, I'm sure.
    Was one SIL missing?
    Looks like a grand day out, and I want to know how you resisted the mini peacock?
    You already have your answer on the fabric. : )