Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fizz 'n Fryz and First Dayz

The day before school started I remembered that my mom always did something fun for us kids on that day as kind of a last hurrah.  I remember eating at the local, greasy, shake, fry and jukebox place, miniature golfing...and maybe even some bowling.  Did we ever go bowling on those ocassions Mom?
Anyway, I felt like I should do something with my kids.  I had recently been out to lunch with a good friend to a new place in town that I really enjoyed and the kids had expressed interest in trying.

 I had a feeling that Ben would want to try the fries so I called Andy to see if it would disturb him too much if Ben came to visit him for an hour.  He agreed so we all drove out to Dad's work and visited with him for a bit before leaving Ben happily with his iPad and his Dad.

So they literally only serve fancy drinks, fries and desserts.  My kind of place :)
They also have a ton of different dipping sauces and options of toppings for the fries.
My fave drink was lemonade with fresh raspberries and cream.
I also enjoyed their BBQ fry sauce and curry ketchup :)
Their fries are the real thing.  I ordered a small and when our order came out I couldn't tell mine from the kids' mediums because it was so large.  Needless to say we had quite a few fries to take home with us.
After stuffing ourselves, we went to pick up Ben who had been a little angel for Andy.
That day was the first time we had visited Andy in this particular office.  (He was transferred to a different seminary last year).
I'm sad because I got a few pictures of all the kids with Andy but for some reason they only show up as black squares on my camera.
I did get a couple of cute ones of him and Abby though...

The next day Josh headed off for his first day of middle school bright and early.

Abby and Matt left for 4th and 2nd grades.

And little Ben went to his first day of Kindergarten at a new school (new to him).
He will be in a Life Skills (Special Ed.) for most of the day but will go into a regular ed classroom for short periods to participate in activities that would be meaningful for him.
The regular ed teacher is actually the younger sister of the friend with whom I first went to Fizz 'n Fryz.  We were best friends growing up.  So fun to have that connection.

 I think he's laughing here :)

They all had a great first day.  I was especially relieved to hear from Josh that "it just felt natural to be in middle school."  After telling me about his day he said, "You know what they say Mom.  If you have a good first day, you'll probably have a good year."  Love that kid!

Everyone else came home with smiles on their faces as well.
That makes for a happy mom :)!

And that's all folks!


  1. Sounds like Fizz 'n Fryz is the new Premium, Aimee. I'm glad you and the kids got to continue the tradition (yes, sometimes we went bowling--if I had a coupon), and it sounds like Ben and Andy had some quality time.
    Love the "first day of school" photos, and Ben's parting shot! : )

  2. What a fun day! Love the pictures of all of the kids going off to school - they are all so cute!

  3. Loved the first day of school pictures they all look so happy! :D