Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mentors International Gala

Every year for the last several years Andy and I have had the opportunity to go with the Bryans to the Mentors International Gala in Salt Lake.

Mentors International is an incredible organization that lends micro loans to entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries to help lift them out of poverty.  Not only do they lend them the money but they also teach them skills to help build their businesses.  They have done much good in the world and it is always a neat experience to go to the annual gala.

 I pulled out my phone to get a picture of Jenny through the middle of the centerpiece.  As soon as I looked up to take the picture there she was with her phone pointed at me :)

Dinner is always a very elegant experience :)
The entertainment this year was fantastic!
William Joseph (piano) and Nathan Pacheco (voice) were amazing artists.
Our table was kind of off to the side of the stage so the best view I had of them was on the screen next to us.

Dave and Wendy won the centerpiece from our table this year and then Wendy went off and found someone to round up an "extra" one for me :)  So sweet.

Always a fun evening.  We really appreciate those that help watch the kids while we are away for several hours.
One year, Andy and I would love to go on a MI trip to one of the countries they help and meet the business owners and do some humanitarian work.  
Anyone up to watching the kids for a week or two? :)

Next time you hear from me I will probably be hailing from across the country.
Tomorrow I am off to visit my sis in the great state of New Hampshire!

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  1. I'm glad you got to go, Aimee. Looks like a great event.
    Safe journey!