Thursday, October 9, 2014


Here are some of the last few week's odds and ends...

Matt got his first reading award of the year.  This assembly was kind of special since they had a bunch of Aggie football players come and high five them as they went up for their award.

Three of our neighbors and friends have bunnies.  Abby has fallen in love and the kids are begging for one.  Upon seeing this little fluff ball I almost gave in :)

On day while I was working on a quilt and laying the strips out on the floor Ben started lining his cars up on them.  Since I kept moving them around and picking them up to sew, I grabbed some scrap strips and made a little road/track for him to line up to his heart's content.

Abby and Matt participated in the annual elementary school's walk/(run)-a-thon.

 Josh had his first middle school orchestra concert.

I love watching his expressions while he plays.

What a handsome cellist!

Silly boys and faces :)

Last year, a good friend of mine made one of these cute, little tissue holders for me and then showed me the tutorial online.  (There are several out there showing the same technique)  I love mine and smile every time I pull a tissue out :)  They are super simple and fun!
Abby wanted me to show her how to make them so we had a little mother/daughter bonding session with the sewing machine.  She made the one on the right and did an awesome job and I made the other two for friends with upcoming birthdays.

And lastly, I don't know if I've mentioned before how much of a sucker I am for seasonal candies and treats.  These are new this year and I gave in rather easily.
Some seasonal things are great and others taste like medicine (like the gingerbread m&m's last least in my opinion :)
These were awesome though!  The kids and I shared them over the Sunday Sessions of General Conference.  It's a good thing I bought two packages :)


  1. So much fun stuff going on here!
    Oh, baby bunnies are so cute, but they just don't stay little. : )
    Love all of the goings-on with the children, from reading awards, to lining up cars, funny faces, sewing pretty things, playing cello, and running.
    Weren't there gingerbread Oreos once?

  2. It looks like you had a fun and busy week! Love your little tissue pouches, and how great that you and your daughter made them together. I've heard that the pumpkin Oreos were terrible (how can anything pumpkin be bad?) so I'm glad to find someone who likes them. Now I want to try them out too!