Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Matt's 8th

Let's be honest, I'm not the best writer but I am pretty good at taking loads of pictures...not necessarily quality pictures, but pictures non the less :)
Anyway, I think I'll use mostly pictures to tell the story of Matt's 8th birthday since it's late and I have minimal brain power right now.

Such good helpers!
Halfway through the gift opening, I noticed Matt's unique choice of socks for the day :)

Matt really wanted a bow and arrow for his birthday.  Putting any kind of weapon in his hands kind of scares me, but at the same time, I want him to be a little boy.

Matt chose to go to one of our faves for dinner...Pizza Pie Cafe.

Quite a face Josh!

Matt contemplating the finer points of turning 8 and Andy really enjoying his food :)

This little guy was AWESOME!  It's always a gamble taking him to a restaurant but thankfully, he did really well this time.

When we got home from dinner Matt needed to try out his bow and arrow as dusk fell.

On his first shot he nailed the target given to him from Grandma Nancy.

Then it was inside for a cheesecake ice cream cake.  Yes, I cheated again :)

Look at little Ben peeking up at that cake.  Not too much longer and he can join in and eat things like this with us.

I redeemed myself a few days later when Matt helped me make a pumpkin cake for his celebration at Grandma Jannie's house.

Love those smiles!

I love this third child of mine!  Every birthday I think back to his first birthday and still can't believe the incredible experience of his birth.
Some things I love about Matt are his wonderful sense of humor, his glowing smile, and his confident kindness among his peers.
Happy B-Day Matt!


  1. Love all of the pictures - glad it was a fun day for the birthday boy!

  2. Bow and arrow? You are a brave mother! : )
    He is one in a million--such energy and enthusiasm. Always ready for fun--never a dull moment. But he has a tender side, too, and that is sweet. Love him!