Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Orchestra Concerts

Abby had her first orchestra concert ever!

It turned out to be an unexpected seizure night for Ben and several other things were going on so sadly, it ended up just being me and Mom that attended.  I even had to sneak out early so I could get home and let Andy get to a meeting.

It ended up working out well though because Mom was able to take her out for a treat afterward and have a bit of a girls' night before she brought her home for me.

Abs did a great job!

It was so nice to have her on the front row so I could get some good pictures.
With all of Josh's concerts he's been in the back and I get really poor shots of you will see in the last several pictures of this post.

Every time they bowed she had a hard time knowing when to come back up.  She kept bobbing her head up to check :)

Josh's concert was originally scheduled on the same night as Abby's but they changed the date a few times and it ended up being the following week.

He also did a super job!

I love watching his face while he plays!  He makes some good ones while he concentrates :)

Ben enjoyed applauding after each song and asked for more every time.

Matt had to get some attention too :)

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  1. It is fun to see these two involved in orchestra. It just kind of skipped a generation, which I know was my doing. There wasn't a good orchestra program in the county schools when you kids were growing up.
    I love attending their concerts!