Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gingerbread and Gifts

I love making gingerbread cookies at Christmas time.  Usually the kids really like to help too but it's one of those activities like decorating the Christmas tree where I used to be too uptight about it and I'm trying to learn to loosen up.

Abby had a cute friend over that night and they both helped me package all the cookies up.
They were such fun little helpers!

Last year I made about 150 of these chalkboard ornaments to sell in my booth at Novemberfest and also give away as neighbor gifts.  After my miscarriage I didn't do a whole lot of my normal Christmas traditions so the neighbor gifts went by the wayside.  Consequently, it was nice to have something already prepared for this year.

Between the gingerbread cookies, some of my mom's homemade soap and my ornaments, I counted approximately 80 neighbor gifts.  I think every year I add new people...I don't think I can keep that up.

As a family, we wrote Christmas cards to all 16 missionaries that are out from our ward.
Matt had some great things to say.
These are a couple of my favorites...
{Was it fun to be my teacher?  I hope you still remember me...Matthew in your class.  Matthew David Bryan}
{Having Fun?  Matthew David Bryan}

For the kids' school teachers I just did gift cards again.  Easy, yet hopefully appreciated as well.

I was also in charge of putting together 50 gifts for all the primary workers at church.
I decided on chocolate and soap.

I have a couple of awesome sewing friends.
I whipped these up for them.
I found the metal flowers and jars at Hobby Lobby, and cut out the saying with my Silhouette.

I filled the jars with needles and neutral threads.

Last but not least of my Christmas creations was our card.

I had seen this cute idea on Pinterest and had to copy it.
I was really struggling with the wording on the back and pretty much gave up one night and said maybe I just wouldn't do a card this year.
Andy was compassionate and sat down at the computer after I left the room and cleverly wrote our card.  I was so grateful and was able to take it to the printer with a smile on my face.

{Sorry it's not that great of a picture but you can get the idea}


  1. What awesome gifts you gave - can't believe you can get all of that done! Love, Love your Christmas card - and also love what your hubby did for the back - perfect!

  2. It all makes my head swim, Aimee. You are amazing. You could do half of what you do and still be amazing!
    (Love the little sewing kits.) : )

  3. You are super woman!! Wow-80 neighbor gifts! I am amazed at all you accomplished. And it is al SO cute:-). And I know I told you this before but your card was my fav:-)