Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Piano Recital Ever...and it happens to be a Christmas one :)

I started teaching Josh piano about 5 or 6 years ago.  Abby followed a couple of years later and eventually Matt.
I had always planned on teaching my own kids.  I thought it would be silly to pay someone else for what I could do myself.
However, things were not always that peachy.  I had some pretty frustrating moments on the bench with all three of them.  Almost every week someone would end up in tears.  Sometimes it was me.  Not only were the lessons less than productive but their practice skills left much to be desired.  We would spend too many weeks on the same songs.

Earlier in the year I started threatening to find another teacher for them.  At the time I was saying it mostly to motivate them to work harder.  All of them protested and I thought that might do the trick.  However, things did not improve...even when I tried a new reward system.  I continued to threaten and in my mind I began to think more seriously about following through.

One Saturday morning, I think it was in the fall, I threw in the towel.  I had simply had it and couldn't continue.  The next several weeks I didn't even try to teach one note.  I had them continue to practice though while I started searching for a teacher.
I looked into some expensive and respected teachers in the area and eventually came across an accomplished 19 year old who charged a minimal fee that lived just around the corner.  Perfect!  They could walk :)

I attended her Halloween recital and really enjoyed how she interacted with the kids.  All the other parents had wonderful things to say about her so it was kind of a no brainer.  They started the next week.

They've really enjoyed her and it has been such a relief for me to not have to play the role of teacher and parent.  I can just step over to the piano and help with a note here and there without getting emotionally involved in the situation.

Another plus of a different teacher is that they get to experience a real recital.
The kids had played at family things here and there over the years but I had never held a formal recital.  I think it was so good for them to have to prepare for it and experience performing for strangers. 

At first, when I quit, I questioned if this was the right thing to do, but now, I see that it was absolutely the best decision for everyone involved!
Here's to many more stress free Saturday mornings :)

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  1. Love the fun photos! So sorry we missed the recital.
    (Now you know why I didn't try to teach you and Ang to sew.)