Friday, January 16, 2015

Grandparent Quilt

Another thing we fit into that one night was a presentation.

Last spring/summer, Jenny had a great idea to do a quilt for her parents.
She wanted to have each of the grandkids to a block so we planned it out and when we all got together in St. George last summer,  we made sure each grandkid made it over to our condo to do a block.
I thought we should just have them draw it on paper and then we could 'easily' transfer it to fabric.  Well, that process wasn't quite as easy as I had thought.  So then we scanned all the papers and had a printing place try and print it directly onto the fabric.  There were several glitches with that process as well.  Eventually, the few that they had been unable to print we just held up to a window and traced the design onto the fabric.

(These are all of my kids' designs.  Josh helped Ben with his :)

The piecing went quite easily but then it was time for the quilting.  It was my first full size quilt to quilt and my first real project on Mom's machine.
I just did an all over loopy design.
I stitched it out in 2-3 hours...and all I could say was that it was finished.  I was not thrilled with the job I had was obviously quilted by a beginner...but it WAS done :)
There's always got to be a first right?

Anyway, this is how it turned out.  Jenny helped me bind it one day while they were in town.

We gathered everyone around (which is no small task) and the gift was given.
(Nancy is already crying :)!

I think they really appreciated it!
Great idea Jenny!!!


  1. What an awesome idea! Love it and it looks great - you did good on the quilting!

  2. Didn't that feel good to make that happen? I'm proud of you! It looks great!

  3. You did such a wonderful job on this quilt:-). What a blessing to have you in our family! You worked so hard on it and I know my parents loved it (my moms reaction says it all:-)