Friday, January 16, 2015

Random December

Before I wrap up December with my New Year's Eve post there were a few random things in December that I wanted to include:

We received our Medical Marijuana "card" in the mail.
This makes it so we can legally possess the oil in Utah

On the 12th, Andy came home with flowers...hydrangeas to be exact (a favorite).
When I asked him if it was just because he was nice he said, "You don't remember?"
Then it hit me.  I knew it was coming up and I had thought of it in days prior but had forgotten it on the actual day.
The 12th was the day last year that I found out I had miscarried.
I couldn't believe he had remembered.  What a sweet husband!

We had quite a mild December and one morning I caught Abby out on the (broken down) tramp with her poi balls...which are no easy feat while you're standing still, but to be doing her routine while she jumped was even more impressive!

Andy was such a good sport to pose for the back of our Christmas card.  Thanks for the use of the bow tie James :)  I don't think this picture showed on the post where I put our Christmas card....but we had this picture with the caption
"[It was] a big one!" (referring to the year 2014)
You Jimmy Stewart fans should get that.

The last day of school before the Christmas break, the orchestra played for the school assembly.

Abby also received a reading award that day...which was also pajama day...

Abby is so fun to watch...she makes some great faces :)

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  1. How very sweet of Andy to remember!
    I love watching Abby do the poi balls--that is pretty tricky to do it on the tramp.