Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kids' Pics

I was not happy with  our school pictures this year.
It took me a while but I finally got around to taking some pictures of my own.

When Andy and I were dating and early on in our marriage, he worked on the grounds crew at the temple.  During that time, the crew worked on the south side of the grounds and made a pretty little walkway that is kind of hidden down below and not many people are aware of the area.  This has been a favorite spot for family picture taking.

Handsome Josh

Beautiful Abby

We tried some shots without her glasses but she wears them so much that she has quite the tan lines :)

This  specific spot where we took Abby and Matt's pictures is full of sweet william and candytuft.
I kind of like to think of it as the "white way of delight"...like on Anne of Green Gables :)

Sweet Matt

Angel Ben
(Andy was behind me being silly to get these smiles)

Love these precious kids!


  1. I love these photos. They make me smile every time I glance at them in the family room. Good choice!

  2. These are so cute. I'm catching up on all your posts, but I'm not commenting on all of them. And last time I updated I left comments but i got emails saying they were not delivered. But I want to let you know I'm keeping up to date and love seeing your little family.

  3. I've gotten way behind in reading your blog! Your kids are so cute- great pictures! Fun to see all the recent updates. Sorry Been had so many seizures on his b-day. :-( Luella used to not be interested in any gifts or things on her birthday. This past year Jim and I both commented about how she was on her birthday.. She loved the attention, loved opening and playing with her gifts. It was great! I pray that Ben will get to that point to!