Tuesday, May 19, 2015

School Stuff

Ben received an award at school.
I'm not quite sure what it was for but it was fun to go support him.
I got some pictures of him before he spotted me.
As soon as he did however, he said goodbye to his teachers and tried to come to me in the audience.
As soon as I saw there was going to be a problem I went to him.  He was still looking at where I had been sitting and didn't notice that I had switched places with his teacher.  I had to say his name several times before he looked at me and then he smiled and said "Maimee!"

So then, of course, it was me who had the privilege of accompanying him to the stage for the award.

Matt performed a spanish dance for a school assembly.
He did a great job!

Look at that smile :)

Abby had some art displayed in a community art show.
A few students from each school were chosen to participate.

Art has always been Abby's forte.  She has a natural talent.

Ben's Kindergarten class had a Mother's Day tea.
When I entered, his teacher tried to keep him seated but he eventually got her to let him come down and say hi to me.  After many hugs, and much persuasion, we finally got him to go back up and sing for me "so I could take his picture".
I had to keep the camera aloft through most of the program so he would think I was taking his picture and stay seated.

Ben's had so many great teachers  in his three years of schooling...each year being at a different school.  He won't be moving schools again this coming year, but his head teacher will be leaving and we will miss her quite a bit!

After the songs, each child stood up and said what they loved about their mother.  Ben had his device speak for him.  The recording said something about him loving me more than anyone else...it made me cry :)

Afterward, the kids served their mothers cake.
I love his face...he was being so careful.

He had water and popcorn while I ate my cake. 

I can't count how many hugs I got during that hour at school.

And finally, Josh was on the honor roll and participated in the Breakfast of Champions at school.

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  1. Wonderful accomplishments for all! Love the stories of Ben at school. I would have loved to see Mat's dance. Abby's artwork is lovely, and congrats to Josh on his academic honor!