Friday, June 5, 2015

More School Wrap Up Stuff

The week that all these things happened Andy was out of town so my parents were great with helping out.

Ben graduated from Kindergarten :)
I tried to get him to sit up on the stage with his class to "sing" but he was pretty restless and as soon as he saw "Bapa" (who had come to sit with the other kids and take pictures etc...), that was it.  

 We sat in the audience during the program :)

When it was time to "walk" I took him up again but he was not interested...

It was all I could do to get these pictures...

Kind of a frustrating of those where I felt kind of sorry for myself...not being able to watch my kindergartener sing and perform with all of his peers...not being able to just sit back and watch him graduate...but stressed about creating a spectacle with his behavior and having to worry about keeping him in place and not running off.
But at the same time I was grateful...grateful for my wonderful dad who is so loving and helpful with Ben...grateful for my sweet boy who is so special to me and helps me to grow and see with new eyes every day :)

Josh had his final orchestra concert...

 Handsome young man!
I love his intense concentration as he plays.

Abby had her 4th grade Utah performance...
I know I've said it before but she seriously has the best faces when she performs!
 Look at that tall mouth!  Any choir teacher would be proud.

 I thought it was cute that she matched her teacher.  They had a choice of dressing up.  They could be pioneers, mountain men, indians etc.  At first she was going to be an indian and then found the hat and decided to be a mountain man.

Way to go Babe!


  1. Your children are good at performing--Ben just chooses not to do it on demand!
    Good shots of all three.

  2. Cute pictures! The life of a mother is never dull:) Love all these cute kiddos:)