Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mother/Daughter Temple Time Capsule Activity

We had a wonderful mother daughter activity with the Activity Day girls.
It was centered around temples.
I was able to do the invitation...

We decorated with some wedding dresses and tried to get a picture of each mom on their wedding day to put on the tables.

We had fun dipping strawberries that morning!

We had a sweet sister speak to us about the importance of the temple and preparing now so the girls can be ready to enter when they are older.

Then we created temple time capsules.
The girls decorated their cans...

...and inside they put a picture of a temple, 

a letter from their mom,

I cute recommend holder, and a packet of worksheets and copies of a couple of talks.

(The idea was for the mom and daughter to work together on the worksheets which included things like what qualities they want to develop in themselves, what qualities they want in a husband, what they want their dress and ring to look like etc...but Abby wouldn't let me see hers!  She wanted to do them all on her own ;)  So I just ate refreshments and helped decorate her can.

We also had pictures taken and developed right there so the girls could include them in their cans also.  That was very fun :)

When everything was finished we sealed the cans and instructed the girls to open them when they graduated from High School or whenever they were ready to go to the temple.

The sister that planned and organized the evening did a fantastic job!
So many fun details :)
It was a very special night... so pleasant and fun to have time with just Abby.


  1. Sounds like a well planned evening. Clever activity. Funny photo of Abby hiding her paper from you. Love the shot of the two of you!

  2. What a great activity! I also love the shot of Abby hiding her papers.. Aubrey would do the exact same thing! They must be related:)