Thursday, June 18, 2015

Oregon Family Vacation 2015...Day 2

Last night I really did try to blog but I was having bad luck with the internet so it just turned into a very frustrating experience.
We're in the same room tonight but I have found a better spot that will hopefully work :)

This is a bit of a lengthy post...just so you know what you're getting into :)

The morning of Day 2, we drove from Sisters to Newport...
(I accidentally printed the wrong map so I tried to show the real route with my marker but the map wasn't big enough)

On the way, we drove through forests and into lava beds.

Andy made the comment that this was Mordor :)

We stopped at the Dee Wright Observatory

Two of the Three Sisters (view from across the way at the observatory)

So this place is basically a fortress looking structure, made from the volcanic rock that surrounds it, with a room at the top that has windows focused on each of the several mountain peaks surrounding the area.

There is also a staircase to the top which is open and you can see for miles around.

From there, we drove on to Proxy Falls...the reason for taking this longer route to Newport.
I had seen amazing pictures on Pinterest of this waterfall and was told it was worth it if the road was open.  During most months of the year it is closed off due to snow.  Luckily, the snow had cleared off enough this year to be open mid June
We had asked a forest ranger guy at the trailhead if we would be okay taking a stroller on the trail.  He said the first 10 minutes might be tricky but we should be fine after that. (It was about 1.25 miles long).

Andy and I pushed and pulled and carried Ben and the stroller over many rocky areas before Andy finally decided it would be easier for one of us to carry Ben and the other one to carry the stroller.  It was quite a bit easier for a while before the path seemed to clear out and we were able to stroll him again.

That worked great until we came to this fine view of Proxy Falls.  At this point, the trail basically became a "fend for yourself down this hillside" trail.
We parked the stroller and Andy carefully made his way down with Ben in his arms.

At the bottom it got to a point where we had to walk through water and over logs and all kinds of stuff to get to the falls.  It was gorgeous and the other three kids had gone ahead and were enjoying themselves.  I sent Andy up while Ben and I hung out splashing and dancing in the water until he could return and splash with Ben.

After Andy had taken some pictures up ahead, he started back.  I noticed Ben stood very still for several seconds and just kind of stared off into space.  I was worried that he was going to have a seizure since he had already had one during the night.  However, he started up his dance again and all was well until I smelled something.  When Andy returned I had a lovely surprise for him...Ben had a terribly messy diaper.  The stroller was quite a jaunt uphill and after reaching that conveyance it was another treacherous stroller ride to the car where the nearest clean diaper sat (since neither Andy nor I had thought to bring his bag along on the hike)
Bless his heart!  He knew what needed to be done and he did it without complaining.  I wished him well and he sent me off to the base of the falls with the kids.

It was heaven!!!
Just look at that!
Not only was it an awesome sight, but it sounded and smelled and felt amazing!

The kids were entranced as was I.

Josh couldn't keep quiet.  He was whooping it up the whole time he stood there in the mist while taking pictures and enjoying the moment.

It was magical!!!

I kept thinking about Andy though and finally urged the kids back the way we had come...hoping Andy and Ben were making their way back to the car without problems.

Some of the flora along the way...

I guess the urgency of the moment didn't completely stop me from enjoying the trail back.  I still took a moment here and there to take pictures of the flowers.
Eventually we made it back to the car and found all well.  Ben was changed and back in his carseat and waiting for us.

Driving into Eugene, Andy had to make sure we stopped by the football stadium so Ben could see the really big "O".  (He likes to point out the letter "O" to us frequently.
The only problem was, Ben had fallen asleep so he missed it but we got some pictures to show him later.  

The other destination in Eugene was Voodoo Doughnuts.
Never been there before but had been told by my brother it was a must.
I ended up just going with a regular maple bar but it was quite delectable!

Then we drove on to Newport.  We got in about dinner time so we searched the internet and came up with the "Chalet" something or other.

All was going well until Andy's shrimp was brought out and Abby couldn't abide the smell.

She switched Matt places thinking that would be helpful.  

Then Matt agreed to taste the shrimp.


Then we decided to have Ben try some.

This little guy will eat anything since being on his diet :)
It seemed to be a pleasant experience for him...

Then we drove around Newport a little bit to get our bearings.
We ended up at a beach and decided to let the kids get out.

So cold and windy...

First, we carried Ben but then he insisted on walking.
Boy was he loving running through the sand...giggling and smiling the whole way!

And we caught the sunset!

To put it quite bluntly, I am falling asleep as I write this post.  I am desperate to end and push the publish button so if there are errors or my thoughts don't make any sense, that is why...I am not going to proofread or edit this post at all right now.  Maybe some other time :)...

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  1. Wow--what a full day!
    I got lost in the magic of the waterfall, and sunset on the beach.
    So many fun pictures!