Friday, June 19, 2015

Oregon Family Vacation...Day 4

The morning of Day 4 I said farewell to the ocean.
This was the view out our window.  

Andy allowed me to go to another quilt store while he filled up the car...actually, while an attendant filled up the car.  It really kind of bugs him that you can't put gas in your own car in Oregon.
Our trek for the day was inland and up to Portland via Silver Falls Park.

  Once we arrived at the park we had a picnic lunch before hiking to any of the waterfalls.  By the time lunch was over it was apparent to me that my allergies had kicked in.  Josh seemed to be having issues as well.  After we had walked over to the lodge to get a map I sat down and realized that in my current state of misery I would not be able to enjoy a hike.  The other four went ahead to the South Falls while Josh and I hung back in the lodge.

 A couple of minutes later Andy came running back with a bottle of allergy meds he had found at the gift shop down the trail.  During the next 20-30 minutes Josh and I slowly became a little better.  When the others came back Andy told me I should just go down a short ways to the lookout since I was feeling better.
I ended up hiking down to go behind the falls and Josh followed.  We're so glad we did.  It was gorgeous!  (most of the pics below are from Andy's jaunt)

Can you see Abby and Matt on the other side of the falls?

After the South falls we drove down the road a little further and Matt and Andy hurried and hiked to the North Falls while the rest of us relaxed in the car.  Josh and I were feeling the effects of our allergy meds and were soon falling asleep.

Once we were back on the road and I was thoroughly asleep, Andy nudged me and told me to wake up for a minute.  He turned the car around and told me there was something he wanted me to see.  We came upon a field of gorgeous flowers.  Upon further inspection I realized they were and pink poppies.  It made me think of The Wizard of Oz :)

I'm glad my husband gets me and knows what things I appreciate.
I wasn't the least bit upset with him for waking me from my slumber.

I promptly fell asleep again until we hit the city of Portland.  With the help of Andy's phone we found the LDS temple.  I love so much that it is nestled in a beautiful forest of tall evergreens!
The grounds were absolutely amazing!

Such a lovely building!

It was late in the evening and I know everyone wanted to just get to the hotel and have some dinner but they humored me and allowed us to go 30 minutes in the opposite direction of our lodgings for the night and find my great, great, great grandpa's gravesite.  

A few weeks ago I received an email from Family Search mapping out several of my direct ancestor's burial spots.  I was surprised to find one in Oregon.  Knowing that we would be traveling there soon I looked into it a little more and found that Jakob Aeschbacher, my third great grandpa on my Grandpa Olsen's side was buried in Hillsboro, 30 minutes out of Portland.
Andy could tell that it kind of meant a lot to me to visit so he was very willing to work it into our schedule.
The kids and I hopped out once we found the cemetery and Matt was the first one to find Grandpa Aeschbacher.  It was kind of a neat moment for me.

Afterward, we drove 45 minutes back to our hotel, deposited our things and then went in search of dinner.  It was a late night but well worth it!

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  1. Beautiful Falls!
    Oh My Goodness--the poppy field is incredible!
    To me, the Portland Temple seems to have a fairy tale castle kind of setting. : )
    Very cool about finding the Aeschbacher grave.