Friday, July 8, 2016

Abby's Civil War Reenactment

Our school has a fun tradition of doing a Civil War reenactment with the 5th graders each year.
In conjunction with that, they have the option of earning an award called The Great American.
They have all year to memorize a whole bunch of things like the Gettysburg Address, American presidents, states and capitols etc.  There are quite a few requirements and it takes some effort to complete.  About 1/3 of all the fifth graders got it and here's Abby receiving hers...

Then, she received another award which I was not award was going to happen.
The Kiwanis club presents The Hope of America award to one boy and one girl from each class.
When they called Abby's name I had to scramble to get the camera and in a good position for pics :)

These are the things taken into consideration when the teachers select the winners...
Capacity for leadership (self-discipline)
Ethical and moral character
Academic competency (general studies)
(as copied off of the Kiwanis website)

We were honored that Abby was chosen even though we knew there were many others who qualified.
 (I had to add this picture in because she's turned her head so we can see part of her face.  I was kind of frustrated with the sun the whole time as it was high in the sky and casting shadows on all the faces.)

Marching onto the battlefield...

So for ammo they use water balloons... :)

They depict several battles and there are speaking parts to introduce each one.
Abby worked so hard to memorize her part and delivered it confidently and beautifully :)
She spoke about the Monitor and the Merrimack...

...which was a naval battle so here they all are lined up in their boats

This is a pretty neat event for everyone involved.
It is so well done and also a whole lot of fun for the kids!

Picking up the water balloon which they even worked into the reenactment as they spoke about people scavenging after the battles.

Congratulations Abs!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun--and a lot of work. What a neat thing for the school to do. When Matt gets to fifth grade I hope you will let me know.
    Congrats to Abby for BOTH awards! Proud of her!

  2. I meant to say that I hope you let me know when they do this program. I think I will know when he is in 5th grade. : )