Friday, July 8, 2016

Musical Mix


I plead guilty of laziness for this recital...
We were late arriving, therefore, did not get super awesome seats and I didn't feel like getting up and moving around and disturbing people for each song that my kids played :)
I didn't even pull out my camera with a zoom on it...just used my phone so here are three awesome ;) pictures of my great, little pianists!

I have really loved this teacher that we have had for the last year.  She is so kind and yet has high expectations.  The kids have progressed a whole lot more than when I was teaching them :)


After each of the three classes had played their pieces the teacher did something new and had them all come together and play one together...that was fun :)

Josh continues to enjoy the cello!  Every now and then when I have to nag him about practicing and tell him maybe he should quit, he immediately jumps in and says "No!"
I love that he loves it :)!

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  1. You do have three great little pianists--so fun to hear them play.
    I, too, love that Josh loves the cello. I am living cello playing vicariously through him. : )