Thursday, July 14, 2016

The 4thish

The weekend before the 4th we went to Park City to hang out with Andy's family.
Our kids had never done the Alpine Slide so Andy decided it was about time they did.

First time on a ski lift for the three of them...
(I know, we live in Utah, have family in Park City, and they've never been skiing.  Poor, deprived children :(

Toting their sleds to the starting line...

All ready to go!

Apparently everyone loved it...especially Matt I'm sure :)
Ben was in heaven splashing around in the kiddie pool one afternoon...

Cousin Carter decided Ben needed a little more water :)

Those two were also buds throwing the ball back and forth.
We wouldn't let Ben go outside but he wanted the ball Carter was playing with so...
the next thing we knew, they had worked it out themselves.
They played for quite a while this way...Ben in and Carter out but both super happy :)

We had to hurry home the night of the 3rd since Josh had to leave for scout camp early the next morning.  He went to Camp Loll.
Andy was unable to be there for the full time but went up and spent one night and did their big hike with them the next day.

The hike was the only part of camp that Josh was a bit concerned about.
They ended up hiking about 18 miles that day.  They were also able to stop a couple of times and enjoy the scenery and refreshment along the way :)
It sounds like it was a good experience for him and not as bad as he thought it might be.

Andy was sure to document that he was there...

Union Falls...

Josh came home whole and happy.  We had missed him in our home but were happy he was able to have the experience and that he actually enjoyed it :)

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  1. The slide looks like great fun! Appears that Abby liked the ride on the ski lift.
    Love Ben in the pool--and that is so funny about him playing ball with his cousin through the door.
    Glad Josh had a good camp experience. Gorgeous waterfall in that last shot.