Monday, July 18, 2016


This post marks the end of my "catching up".
It's just a few random things that I wanted to document.

Ben's teacher texts cute pictures to me every now and then.
Apparently they had a circus day in the spring and Ben was the sweetest, little clown!

All last school year I was able to take Institute classes from my amazing husband.  I loved being in his classes, learning the gospel and getting to know his students.
Not the best picture, but here he is doing a role play with one of the students.
This coming year, he won't be teaching traditional classes as he is the new pre-service trainer and will be teaching people that want to become seminary teachers, but I think I will still crash a class or two :)

My beautiful mom and me on Mother's Day...

My kiddos and my dad on Father's Day...

And lastly, I got another mini quilted...
My mom gave me this as a flimsy many months ago.  I had it marked and ready to quilt for quite a while and finally got around to it the last month or so.

I love the colors in it...such a unique combination.
It was a good little practice quilt.
I think I may need to start a mini wall or two like my mom has :)

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  1. I love Clown Ben! That is a great shot of Bapa with the grandkids, too.
    Beautiful job on the little quilt, Aims. Clever design--I really like it!