Monday, August 8, 2016

Kidd Family Camp 2016

The first day of camp this year included a "redneck waterslide".

I was able to take Josh and Matt.
Abby had a previous commitment and Andy stayed home with Ben.

It was quite the slide!
I was proud of my two guys getting right up there and coming down without a problem.

At one point I was feeling bad that I hadn't just bit the bullet and brought Ben to just play in the sprinklers or something so I texted Andy suggesting he bring him...
These are what I got in reply...

They were having their own waterslide party :)
He's such a great dad!

Back to the mega slide...

These aren't the greatest pictures but I had to include them :)
Grandma Jannie went down three times!
I was quite impressed.

I had not gone down but I decided if my mom could then I could too.
I had to run Matt to soccer after a couple of hours but I came back with Josh and went down three times of my own.  I have two words...
I wish I would have gotten a picture from the top for more perspective
I'm usually not a thrill seeker so this was definitely out of my comfort zone!
The last time down I went with Josh.  As we neared the bottom of the hill I saw something black run out onto the slide.  I thought it was a big bug but as we got closer, I realized it was a mouse!  Yikes!  I did not want to run over a mouse but I didn't know how I could avoid it.  Thankfully, last milisecond, it turned around and ran back into the grass :)  Close one!

2nd day at camp...

Scrabble with Great Grandma

Ball with Bapa

the annual skit by the kids

and the ever popular Minute to Win it

Grandma Kidd even joined in on the oreo game!

Andy took Ben home and I stayed late with the kids for s'mores and games

Always a good bonding experience for everyone

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  1. That slide was a blast. I'm glad you had a chance to go down, and got Josh to go tandem with you. It was especially fun for me when I went with Matt. And it does look like Ben was having a blast with Andy.
    I missed the Oreo game. Thanks for the photos of Grandma playing.