Friday, November 18, 2016

New Bathroom, New Carpet!

Our wonderful home is 13 years old and things are starting to break down and need replacing.
We've been hard at work the last month or so around here...

So our main bathroom upstairs has been quite terrible for some you can see, drawers falling apart (I should have taken a picture of the inside of the sink because it was falling apart too!)
Dirty, messy to the point that Abby refused to enter and consequently took over our master bath. 

Finally, we took the steps to renovate and we are so pleased with the result!

We painted, put in new flooring, a new vanity, mirror and cabinet and a new toilet.
Andy did most of the work but I did help with painting and the toilet...and of course, picking out the new stuff :)  We ripped up the old linoleum but had the new stuff installed by someone else (Andy was willing but the people at the store were pretty insistent :)

We love it and Abby will gladly use it again (as a matter of fact she has become somewhat possessive of it now...which is what we were hoping for)!
(I realized that in the above, middle picture, I was a little too eager to get the "after" pictures that I didn't wait for the silicone caulking to dry clear around the bottom of the vanity :)

It was also way past time for new carpet on our main level.  There was so much dirt that we tried so many times to get out and couldn't.  There were stubborn stains and I honestly was embarrassed to have people come into our living room because it was so bad (the pictures don't really do it justice)

So one night, we worked super hard as a family to move everything downstairs, into the kitchen and the garage so we could rip up the old stuff.

The kids were troopers and were really, very helpful!

Andy and I stayed up late that night to finish up before the new carpet came the next morning.

People have been asking to see "after" pictures of the new carpet...It's hard to see much of a difference I have to experience it :)

But here it is!

We feel very blessed to have been able to make these improvements to our home.


  1. Well, I have experienced the improvements, and I think they are wonderful!!
    Good to see the kids invested in the project. : )

  2. It all looks wonderful! I can't wait to see it in person!