Thursday, December 22, 2016

Random December Stuff

Jenny Oaks Baker came and spoke/performed at Religion In Life at the institute at the beginning of December.  It was Andy's and my turn to sit up on the stand and have lunch with the speaker afterward.  She and her children did an amazing job and it was lovely to get to interact with them on a more personal level during lunch.  
She is extremely talented and my favorite number that she performed was Bring a Torch Janette Isabella.  It's definitely worth a look up on iTunes!

I loved these mini poinsettias I found at Macey's!  Aren't they just darling?!?!...and look at that cute mini orchid too :)

To the great disappointment of my children, we do not own an elf on the shelf.  They often talk about the exciting exploits of their friends' elves and wonder why we can't have our own.
I found this little gnome (below, right) at a boutique and thought he was darling.  Matt decided he could be our "elf" and I could just hide him every day so they could look for him.  After much begging on Matt's part and me making sure the kids understood that our gnome wouldn't do any crazy things...he would just move around the house waiting to be found...I acquiesced and he is currently "hiding" on the chandelier above our dining table.

Ben came home from school one day looking extra cute in his Elmo hat and I had to try and get some pics...

The one on the left is my favorite!
He had his backpack on and was apparently a bit off balance because of it...he kept falling backwards and got quite a kick out of my reactions each time he did.

These antlers came home in his backpack yesterday.  When I put them on his head he didn't even try to take them off and just went about his business of lining up his trains on the arm of the couch. 

As far as an update on this guy....
the anti aggression meds have really cut down on his hitting/throwing/yelling/
kicking/head butting etc...
The only down side is that he is often very tired and falls asleep frequently during the day.

However, this med has also seemed to lengthen the time in between his clusters of seizures.
Where before, we were seeing about a cluster a week, since he's been on the Guanfacine, he has gone 2, 3 and once even 4 weeks in between.  He still will have random seizures during those weeks but not a full blown group of them.
It sounds weird, but while I'm thrilled that the number of seizures has decreased, they are much more sporadic.  Predictability was kind of nice :)
Now things are much more unstable as far as timing goes.
He is doing well though and we sure love him along with each of our other three kids!
We are truly blessed!

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  1. I think it is great that your "turn" at RIL fell on this particular guest. What a great experience for you!
    Love the little flowers. How come I didn't see those? : )
    Well, I'm glad you got a home gnome, even if you don't have an elf on the shelf. Did they find him right away?
    Wonderful photos of Ben. I can just hear him laughing as you try to stabilize him. That is so funny that he was oblivious to the antlers. Doesn't seem like something he would do.