Monday, December 5, 2016

Thanksgiving Festivities 2016

Matt's class did the cutest Thanksgiving poetry/singing program.  They made invitations and everything.  Lots of pictures, few words...



Matt's favorite and mine...
Hip Hop Turkey...

"Gobble Gobble Yo!"

Thanksgiving was at Uncle Eric and Aunt Valerie's house this year...

Valerie committed me to trying the lamb.
For me that's huge since I don't eat meat.
It wasn't that bad...for meat :)

Valerie gathered us all around after the meal and had us watch old home movies...
They were hilarious and had us all cracking up!  Especially at Jo who kept trying to get into all the shots.  We decided he was the original photo bomber.

Ben had a little friend following him around trying to play his iPad the whole time :)


  1. Love seeing your family! What a blessing!

  2. You nabbed a lot of great shots of the day. The home movies were a hoot, weren't they?