Thursday, April 20, 2017

Very Odd and Endish

At the beginning of the year I made a new tablecloth with the new Primary theme for the table on Sundays.

My Silhouette came in very handy creating the CTR emblem.

Once I got it on the table I had to bring it home and make some adjustments in length but it ended up working out okay.

Out to lunch with friends...

The first blooms of spring...
always very exciting in my book :)

The boys decided to come to Free Motion with me on a day they had off from school.
They both did great and are anxious to go back.

Speaking of Free Motion and working out...
my right achilles tendon has been bothering me for quite some time now (over a year) and I finally went to the doctor.  He put me in a soft cast and a walking boot.  I also got a stem cell injection, and was put on an anti-inflamatory.  After two weeks of the boot I started physical therapy.

Things have not improved significantly, as a matter of fact, they have been worse at times, however, I continue to do therapy and am hoping for the best.

(the day I got the boot, Andy brought home this beautiful bouquet of purple tulips for me) 

I try to attend one of Andy's Institute classes each semester.  Now that he is the Pre-Service trainer for the area, it is the same class every time, but I love meeting the different people that attend each semester.  A few weeks ago, he had me follow him outside to see the new semi-temporary sign on the front of the building.

Then he had me look extra close at the "E"... that's my guy :)

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  1. Trying to determine where you and the gals went for lunch. Doesn't look familiar.
    I don't have a single crocus left in my yard, and I never think about it in the Fall when they should be planted.
    I am impressed that your boys are anxious to work out with you again. Good for them!
    My goodness, I didn't realize you weren't getting improvement from your treatment. You know, my shoulder feels as good as it has in a couple of years since I quit doing therapy, but you didn't hear that from me.
    What is semi-temporary about the sign "featuring" Andy? I'm trying to envision where on the front of the building this big sign could be hanging.