Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Merill and Nancy's 50th!

My In Laws 50th wedding anniversary was approaching and everyone was going to be in the vicinity so my two sisters in law planned a gathering.
They rented the basement of a restaurant in Ogden and had Andy's dad thinking it was a surprise birthday party for Andy's mom.

(Here are the kids patiently playing games while we waited for the guests of honor who were late :)

I kept Ben entertained on his iPad for a while...

The food was all ready and waiting...

our tree gift was looking lovely...

The tables were all decorated and memories were being written...

...and finally, Nancy arrived, but no Merill.  They had driven separately and Merill was being held up by something.  We went ahead and started eating and he eventually came and was super surprised to see the real reason for the gathering.

Crosswords are kind of a big deal in the Bryan family so Jenny put one together all about them.

The food was delicious

...and we played other games...

Andy had been asked by his sister to put together a slideshow.
He was able to sneakily find pictures stored in their home and on their computer and he did an amazing job!  It was a beautiful tribute and almost all of the adults were in tears.

They each wanted to express their love to their posterity afterward...

It was a lovely evening and so much fun!
Thanks to Lyndi and Jenny who put it all together...
and thanks to Todd who spent time with Ben afterward while we cleaned up :)
It always does my heart good to see things like this...people taking time and an interest in Ben.

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  1. Looks like a great place for your gathering. Too bad the guests of honor arrived late--and separately. : )
    That last photo got me kind of choked up.