Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kauai Part 5

Our last day on the island started off with breakfast at our hotel.  Andy's looked more like a dinner, but he enjoyed it.  My yummy waffle is in the background.
Birds were flying in and out of the restaurant as we ate...we decided we were glad we hadn't ordered the buffet.

Our plan for the day was to see Waimea Canyon.
However, Andy was kind enough to stop at a quilt store that he had actually spotted our first day there.  I came away with some fun treasures.

The canyon was beautiful!

There were a few different lookouts along the way.
The final one is supposed to give you a view of the back of the Napali coast mountains...
unless it's shrouded in clouds :(
I was pretty disappointed.  I mean it was like you were at the edge of the earth and there was nothing beyond.  At one point, the distant bleating of a mountain goat broke the eerie silence.
It was beautiful up there, we just didn't get the view we were hoping for.

We were kind of in a rush to get back to the airport on time but I made Andy stop at a beach for me to do this..."A" squared has kind of always been our thing...Andy and Aimee :)
We were so blessed to have this opportunity and we will be forever grateful for it.
These memories and pictures will always be a delight on which to reflect.

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  1. I like the look of your breakfast much better than Andy's (sorry, Andy).
    And I agree with you about the birds and the buffet. : )
    Too bad you didn't get the whole view, but it does look beautiful up there.
    Great parting shot.