Monday, April 30, 2012


Well, I mentioned that something was brewing at my house in my last post. 
This is it!

Our sweet neighbors moved this weekend and I wanted to do something for them.  My neighbor on the other side of me and another friend are on the "quilt in a week" program :)
They're awfully good at throwing together a quilt in a jiffy.  So a week ago Saturday I mentioned to my neighbor that maybe we could do a quilt.  
Monday we pooled our fabric together from our stashes and started piecing.  Wednesday afternoon we had it to the quilter.  She had it back in our hands the next day.  I think she did an amazing job!

Thanks so much Leisha!
Thursday night, my two friends and I got together and bound it.  In the time that I did about a foot, they finished the rest of it.  I got my binding genes from my mom :)
Friday night we took it over to my moving neighbors.  They were so grateful and a bit emotional.  I, of course, was emotional too.  They have been fantastic neighbors and we love them.  
The husband told me later that he has plans to build a quilt hanger for it.  We told them it was just the kind of quilt to throw on their couch or at the end of their bed but they think it is "just the most beautiful thing" and they insist on displaying it on their wall.
So, that was one of my goals this last make a quilt...and it happened!

Another one of my goals this past week was to run 20 miles on Saturday.
My two quilting friends are also running friends.  The three of us along with a bunch of other people drove 20 miles up the canyon and started running down.  
I am amazed each time I do a long run at how my body responds.  The last 2 or 3 miles of the run my mind is telling my body that there is no way I can go any further.  When I finish I feel like the was absolutely the last step I could have taken.  However, when I do three more miles two weeks later my body is able to do it.  I started training on my own but the last two long runs I've had Trina by my side and we just chatter the whole time.  It makes the time go quickly.  I tried to talk her into doing the marathon with me but she is otherwise engaged that day.  I told her to record her talking for 5 hours for me to keep me company during the marathon :)

The last goal I will mention also happened on Saturday.

My little Abby enjoys playing on her soccer team, but bless their hearts, they haven't won a game yet...they haven't even scored one goal this whole season.
Well, that is they hadn't until Saturday.
Abby's not the go getter kind of soccer player but she'll kick it hard if it comes right to her.  A corner kick from the other team came right in front of her and she kicked it towards the goal.  I screamed as it barely went into the side of the net!  Everyone was so excited.  She was so surprised that it had gone in.  The look on her face was priceless.  That won the game for them too since the other team didn't score. 
It was a very proud moment!

I love this picture...especially the gap in the teeth.  She's not in pain as it appears, that was just the look on her face as she was running :)

Congratulations Abby!  You scored a GOAL!


  1. The quilt turned out just great, Aimee! That must feel good to have made that happen--and in such a short time. Reminds me of when I pieced, tied and bound a quilt in one week when your piano teacher got married.
    Sorry you got that binding gene from me. Not a good thing.
    So proud of Abby! That was a fun game!!

  2. The quilt is awesome!!! Wished I lived closer - I'd do the binding for you and your mom!!! What a super picture of Abby!! Pure joy!! What a gift! Way to go Abby!!! (you know, she reminds me a little of her grandmother - your mom!!)

    I think and pray for Ben often!

    Have a blessed weeke!