Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ketchup/ Catsup/ Catch Up

Happy Birthday Grandpa "O." (a week ago).
When I told Josh it was your birthday he really wanted to take flowers up and visit your grave.  However, our day was extremely hectic and so I told him we would do it later. 

We made it up on Monday night.  I hope you don't mind the kids wore their jammies.  I knew by the time we got home it would be late and I can't abide trying to get the kids ready for bed when they're already tired.  So we got ready for bed before we left.  Although, the kids talked us into stopping by Aggie Ice Cream afterward (it took a lot of convincing - not!) so they did have to rebrush their teeth when we got home.
It was a pleasant visit...short on account of Ben, but very pleasant.

I always leave a flower for Janeen too.  My heart breaks for you and Grandma.  I can't imagine losing a baby.  Now you are with her though.  It will be a happy reunion when Grandma comes.  We're doing our best to keep her happy and comfortable until that time comes though.

Thank you for being you Grandpa.  I have happy memories of the farm, your jokes and your tough love.
I love you.  We all love you and you are missed.

Ben had his preschool testing today to see if he qualifies for Special Ed.  
We met with the classroom teacher, the Physical Therapist and the Speech Pathologist.  
Ben played really well with the PT while the other two talked to me and asked questions about Ben.  But then it was time for Ben to come to the table and work a little bit and he didn't want any of that.  He did get very excited wen he saw the fish tank though.  They let him feed the fish and he thought that was pretty neat.  He did not sit quietly and show them what he knew though.  There were a lot of "no"s and squirmings off my lap.  I promised the teachers that he's not always so grumpy.  They promptly assured me that they found him adorable and he was just fine.  I know that they will love him as they get to know him better but he sure wanted to let them know today that he has a stubborn side too. 

They even let him feed the turtle a worm.  :)  
The turtle was not in a very active mode and so I don't think Ben even noticed any life in the box.  He wasn't being patient enough to wait and watch him poke his head out.

It was kind of a fun hour because Josh went to this same preschool when he was Ben's age.  They loved Josh and asked how he was doing and said that watching Ben was like having little Josh running around all over again.  All three are very nice ladies and I think Ben will enjoy his time there.  

As far as projects go, all I can say is something's been a brewin' at my house.
Further details to come...

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  1. Good of you to remember Grandpa's birthday--nice group picture!
    Can't believe Ben will be going to preschool soon! He's cute even when he is stubborn. : )
    I feel privileged that I have seen that "something brewing". Hope it all works out as planned.