Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturdays: Shin Splints, Soccer, Seaizures and Sprinklers!

This time of year Saturdays = soccer.  This is the first year we've had two kids in soccer so the schedule's been a little more hectic.  Last week we got Matt to his game a little late.  Right off the bat a kid from the other team scored.  When he saw that he said, "They need me in there."  Ummmm...I hope he's not getting too confident. 

 Soon after he was put on the field and scored five goals over the course of the game.  At the same time, Abby was on a different field realizing that she really enjoys being goalie.  Andy said she stopped several goals and didn't seem afraid to go right up to the ball and pick it up. 

The last couple of weeks Saturdays have also meant seizures for Ben. 

 (He loves to play on the playground when we go to soccer games...especially the slides.)

 Last Saturday he had a mild seizure during each soccer game.  Then for the whole week he didn't have any other than his myoclonics.
I've been waiting and warning babysitters that he's due for a big one but it didn't happen until today.  
Andy's parents took us out to lunch after soccer.  We went to a fun new place in town. 

 Of course, Ben was not happy to sit and eat but wanted to be outside walking around.  Nancy was kind enough to oblige.  Josh went with them since he had finished his lunch.  After a few minutes he came running back in and said that Ben was having a seizure.  I went outside and he was going strong.  It lasted a couple of minutes and then he was out cold. 

 As Ben was sleeping in my arms outside the restaurant, Merill came out with these chocolate mustaches for the kids.

When you're training for a marathon Saturdays also mean long runs.  Only every other Saturday is a super long run though.  Last week I did 17 with a good friend.  It makes the time go faster when you're talking.  It truly was a miracle that we did it.  For me because of my injuries and for her because she has been out for a while with foot surgery.  I think the longest she had gone since running again was 8.   She was a trooper.  But boy were we shuffling at the end :)  Thanks Trina!  It was a blast.
So today I only did 8.  Next week I'm aimin' for 20.  I'm pretty much scared.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Well...sprinklers.  Abby and Matt have been begging the last several weeks to run around in the sprinklers.  We hadn't been able to convince them that they would be freezing if they were wet in 60 degree weather.
Today, it was definitely warm enough so Andy was kind enough to set it up for them and give them the go ahead while I rested my head on a pillow for a while.  (Thanks Hon :)
Josh is out of course because of his foot so it was just Abby and Matt...

for a while anyway...

Andy said he just couldn't help it.  Ben was standing pitifully at the window looking out at the other two.  So he took him out to just watch.  However, one thing led to another...

He had such fun!
And his helmet dried out nicely.

One other thing that we've been doing the last few Saturdays (It didn't start with an "s" and so I didn't put it in the title) is indoctrinating Abby on Anne and Gil.  
I figured it was time she needed to expand her horizons beyond Star Wars and move on to some classic chic flicks.  You can't get more classic than this:

She seems to be really enjoying it even with me jumping in and explaining things and reminding her to pay attention because "this is an important part".

I'm sure next Saturday will be filled with more of the same; running, soccer, maybe sprinklers, hopefully some Anne but we can do without the seizures.


  1. Love that first shot of Matt! Looks like he is ready for take-off!
    Abby is a good little goalie. I was impressed with her ability at the game today.
    So the seizure finally came--I didn't miss it by much, did I?
    Great mustaches! Was this at Herm's? Gotta try that place.
    Oh, I am so glad Ben got to join in with the sprinkler. I bet that was fun to watch. Sorry Josh couldn't play.
    Good job on the "Anne indoctrinations session", Aimee. Keep it up! : )

  2. Aimee - I didn't know you were training for a marathon! WTG girl - when is the competition? You are more dedicated than I - 200 yards was about my max - really, just the length of a basket ball court!! LOL

    Abby will appreciate the Anne indoctrinations! I still love Anne!

    I'm remember begging to play in the water as a kid (I was raised in south central Wyoming) and my mom always said - it's too cold!!! Here in Texas - well we play in the water when ever! LOL

    Praying for Ben!