Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Know Your Children are Star Wars Fanatics When...

 First off, I have to apologize for my last two posts.  They were both quite negative.  This post is much more lighthearted and will hopefully not discourage you from reading my blog like the last two probably did...

In the last four days I have had three moments when I thought, "Wow, maybe my kids watch a little too much Star Wars.

The first one was on Saturday when the kids were allowed to choose a movie to watch together.  The fight I mean, discussion that ensued was not about which of the many, many movies we own but which episode of Star Wars to watch...there wasn't even a question that it would be Star Wars.  (I think Episode 6 won).
Just for the record...I try and encourage the older movies.  They have seen episode one a few times, episode two maybe once where we skipped the sandpeople scene and episode three never.  I have not even seen episode three.  We'll keep it that way.  The old ones are just classic.  I know I didn't appreciate them when I was younger so it's kind of fun to see my kids enjoying them now that I enjoy them too.

The second moment was last night when we were doing "Family Home Weeding" as Andy called it.  We were tackling the weeds in our newly planted area out front.  Ben was in his stroller as usual.  I would so love to let him roam free but I just wouldn't be able to keep my eye on him while I work so he ends up in the stroller.  Anyway, I mentioned to him that he was a trooper.  Abby immediately responded with, "Yah, a Storm Trooper!"  Ha!

I wonder where she got that idea :)

And finally, today, while eating lunch, Matt, in all seriousness, was explaining "water vador" to me.  How the water collects in the air and clouds and then comes down as rain.  That's "water vador".
Oh Boy!  Do I love my kids :) but maybe we need to cut down on the Star Wars...just a bit...

By the way, all of these pictures were taken last Christmas break at Grandma and Grandpa Bryan's house.  The kids always put on cute and creative plays.  
Always a joy!

I also have to give credit to Andy, the genius behind Josh's Darth Mal mask.  Well done hon!


  1. Oh, the water vador made me LOL!!
    Abby is certainly into her part in the photos. Excellent mask for Josh--Matt looks like he is in his element. And Ben's old helmet is definitely more "storm trooper-ish" than his new one.
    Fun post, Aimee!

  2. Aimee, I don't even know where to start?? I just finished reading your last three posts.

    I could totally relate to your soccer game post and all the emotions of feeling guilty about how you treat your family and knowing that it's not what you want to be doing or saying but still being unable to stop yourself. I have the very same downward spirals often.

    You've convinced me to watch Star Wars. . .I never have. Maybe it could be something my kids and it could do this summer when it's 120 degree outside:).

    I wish I would have made some time to comea and visit you when we were in town. I hope that little Ben is doing better. What an incredibly difficult diet for you to implement Aimee. I find your experiences and stories with Ben to be so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I learn so much from you.

    Love you Aimee Bryan!