Thursday, May 3, 2012

Conference Issue

It arrived!

(Sorry...Blogger rotated my picture funny and I don't know how to fix it.)

I absolutely love the General Conference issue of the Ensign.
The first thing I do when it comes is go through each page and look at the amazing photography.  I love how they catch the spirit of Conference in the images.  I love how they place certain pictures in the magazine with corresponding talks. 

A couple of my favs.

I love how it's all new and unmarked and I think about how worn and underlined I want it to be in six months time.
You see, I always have grand plans to read every talk at least twice and apply everything that I learn and be an expert on what our leaders have said most recently :o).  Each time though, the Ensign comes and I go strong for a few weeks and then I fade away.  I usually make it through each talk once alone and Andy and I make a goal to study each one together also.  But my energy lacks after a bit.  I want to keep that fire all six months until the next conference.  

These words are so inspired...I know they come from the Lord.  And they are so applicable to the whole world!  I want them to be a part of me.
Hopefully I can be as enthusiastic about it all through 'till October as I am right now. 

Along the same lines, I recently made a scripture bag from a pattern I bought online.

I just used some fun Hobby Lobby fabric and had a go at it.  The first time through a pattern is always kind of rough for me but then I figure things out and feel like I could do it again with less trouble.  With this one I even altered some things as I went to make it more what I wanted.  It's fun...but I plan on making another one soon so I can fix some things.
I liked this pattern because it had a place for pencils/pens,

 had a flap but didn't have a closure to worry about putting in and was easily adaptable to add a pocket in the back to carry larger items :)

It's hard to tell because of the striped fabric that I used but it also has a cute "ruffle" on the front.

Okay, I'm off to read a conference talk!
 {General Conference talks can be found here.}


  1. Good post, Aimee. I always have good intentions, too. And I usually just make it through once. You did a great job on your new scripture bag. I hadn't noticed the tucks on the front. Probably would be more noticeable in different fabric, but it is a nice touch.

  2. oh my, I found your blog! I'll have to check out your scripture bag because I was tempted to sew Paige one from the same pattern this year. What a cute blog you have!