Friday, May 4, 2012

Crawling and Doughnuts

It's 10:30 p.m. and I haven't tucked in my baby Ben yet.  He is at the doctor's office getting X-rays of his legs/feet.
On Sunday he had a bigger seizure which required Diastat to stop it.  After an episode like that he's like a rag doll and can't really move for around an hour or two.  Monday morning I noticed that he was still wobbly when he walked.  It was strange.  He continued like that through Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was thinking that maybe he had regressed in his physical abilities because of the seizure.  
On Thursday he fell down 1/2 a flight of stairs (with helmet, gratefully).  I consoled him for a bit until he stopped crying and then he seemed okay.  Later that day, I was in the bathroom fixing Abby's hair and I had seen Ben transporting his trains (which he loves) from his bedroom to the living room.  After a couple of times though, I saw him go by and he was crawling!  I haven't seen him crawl forever.  When he came back out of his room and passed the bathroom again he was walking on his knees!  What?  From that point on I realized that when he was walking it was with a very pronounced limp.
I called our very handy and very kind podiatrist neighbor this morning and he said if we could hold off until tonight he would come over and look at it.
We had an S&I (Seminaries and Institutes) dinner tonight.  My cute cousins Sarah and Rebecca babysat the kids.  They absolutely love it when the girls come.  About 20 minutes after we arrived at the dinner we got a phone call from them telling us that Ben was having a seizure.  I asked lots of questions about how he was looking and breathing and how long it had been.  At about five minutes we decided to give him the Diastat. 
About halfway through the administration...he stopped.  Big sigh of relief...for me and for them.  {They handled it very well.  Thanks so much girls!}
They assured me that they would be fine, that I didn't need to come home, and that they would call if they needed anything.
When we arrived home Ben was happy as a lark and "told" us all about his evening.  It's so cute how he communicates.  He uses his limited sign language and points to people calling them all "da" and sings songs (I know he's talking about Elmo when he "sings" the Elmo song.  The words are still all "da da da" but he sings them closer together and faster.)  He repeats everything several make sure we got it all I guess :o)
I held him for a bit and then tried to put him down to see if he would walk.  We weren't sure if the little bit of Diastat that he did get would affect (I need to learn how to differentiate between the two spellings of this word.  I think I used it wrong just now.  Forgive me.) his walk even more.  When I tried to put him down he bent his legs up and just hung from my hands.  I tried it a few more times and every time he refused to put his legs down.  We called our doctor neighbor and he said instead of coming over to look at it, that we should just go and get it X-rayed.  So, Andy took Ben and picked up our friend and went to his office.  I haven't heard from them yet.
Results soon to come...

I wanted to mention one more thing...
Becky, (my cute sister in law that says I should enjoy life more and not worry about what I eat :o) I know you will roll your eyes at this, but it was a triumph for me today.
So I don't know if you remember this post, but let's just say I didn't make my goal for my birthday.  I'm determined to make it for the marathon though.  I don't want to be carrying around an extra 20 pounds for 26 miles.  I've been doing very well the last few days.  Yipee!  I love it when the pounds start to drop!  But there's always something isn't there?  A holiday, a birthday, some celebration where you would feel rude if you didn't eat.  Anyway, I'm always thrown off my game by those things.
Josh's birthday is tomorrow.  I had mentally prepared myself.  I took 32 yummy looking doughnuts to his classroom today...32 because I thought he had 29 people in his class and then there would be three left over for each of the kids (I didn't want any leftovers to tempt me...I really think doughnuts are awesome!)  Well, I must have miscalculated because when we came home there were 8 doughnuts left in the box.  Ughhhhh.
I came very close to eating one...but didn't.  I was strong.  I even thought maybe I'd just take one bite and be done...but you know where that leads.  Anyway, so when my cousins came to babysit I told them there were five doughnuts left (I let the kids have some more) and I wanted them all gone when I came home.
Well, which one of you girls didn't eat?  The kids say they all ate theirs.
There it was.  One lonely doughnut laying in the box.  TEMPTATION!  I had done so well at the dinner.  I filled my plate with mostly broccoli and salad, a small portion of mashed potatoes, and one butter.  I didn't even have dessert!  I couldn't give in now.  I put it on a napkin, snapped this picture of it,

because I wanted to show you how yummy it looked, and then let it sit on my counter for a little bit.  It's so hard for me to throw away such lovely food.  But I finally did it.  I dumped it!  I was strong again!
Yeah!  As I'm writing this I'm deciding that Becky might not be the only one rolling her eyes.  It must seem pretty silly to most of you.  But I know there are some out there that feel the same :)

There's the garage door.  It's 11:00.  I must go see how my little guy is.  I'll try and post tomorrow to let you know what's up.  Bye.


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  2. I'm really proud of you about the donuts, Aimee. I gave them up years ago. I was going to say I did it even though I love them, but I guess it is BECAUSE I really love them. Can't remember the last time I had one, but I do remember after I ate it (having not had one for a couple of years at that time), I thought it wasn't as great as I remembered.
    Hope Ben is okay. See you tomorrow!

  3. Aimee, I'm praying! Waiting for an update! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  4. Aimee you are such a wonderful mother!! You are able to handle more than most of us could and you still manage to make cute things and have fun with your kids! You are seriously super mom! By the way, I know how you feel with dieting! I hate donuts but I have plenty of other temptations! Way to go girl!