Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ketogenic Diet Organization

So, with so much to keep track of with this diet, I've been able to exercise my inclination to organize.
There have been four areas that I have put some work into...let me show you.

I decided to get a tray to place on my counter top to house all of the "stuff"...scale, cups, supplements, syringes, mortar and pestle, spatulas and meds.  This has been helpful in keeping everything together and easily accessible.

It stresses me out to try and keep track of things in my head.  I have to write everything out.  So, I came up with this paper to record all of the "stuff" throughout the day...ketone test results, (D.1, D2., etc...D is for diaper), how much liquid he gets (it's important to make sure he doesn't get too little fluids or too many), supplement checklist (these are in so many different forms...can't give them all together...and some have to be spread throughout the day so I mark them off as he gets them...notice I left off Vitamin D and had to write it in :(  I was so disappointed when I realized this.  A place to write down what he eats for each meal, and a section for keeping track of his seizure activity.  I had this copied, cut and pasted into several, little notepads and attached a magnet on the back and stuck it to the fridge.  I think I'm most proud of this little invention :)

 I put together a binder to hold everything.  I stick the filled out checklists in the front pocket along with blank index cards on which to write down recipes that can then be stuck in the pockets next door.

I can then take them out and stick 'em on the sticky tack I have on the cupboard door above my food prep area.  This way I don't have to have the whole binder taking up space in the food area and I don't have to keep going back and forth between the binder and the food.

 Next in the binder are fun, colorful pockets in which to keep odd and loose papers.

 Here are my extra notepads.

And then I put my master list of all the recipes and other important papers that I reference frequently.

The next is not such a pleasant organization idea but a must for diet doers.

You have to test urine.  That's how you know how many ketones he has.
So, to make it go as smoothly as possible, I placed everything in a pencil box...fat syringe, cotton balls, disposable gloves, ketone test strips, little cups, and a bamboo skewer to get the cotton balls out of the syringe after they have been compressed.
Again, this keeps everything together and, at least in my mind, keeps things a little more sanitary.
The box goes on top of the wipes in the diaper caddy.

I hope this "stuff" can be useful to someone else that has a child on the diet.  If anyone is interested, I could probably figure out how to post a copy of the checklist to be printed off (first I'll fix the Vitamin D business).  Just let me know :)


  1. I'm impressed, Aimee. When I used your checklist yesterday I just assumed that it was something the dietician had provided for you and I thought it was awfully handy of them to have created it. And the little kit was very handy.
    Maybe I should have you come organize my sewing room. : )
    I also realize that I didn't write anything in the "seizure activity" area, but I know I told you he was having some strong myoclonics and you know about the 3 minute tonic/clonic.

  2. Aimee, you are one amazing woman!! Praying blessings for you and your family!!

    It is OK to cry!! Don't be embarrassed!

  3. My goodness! You are AMAZING! I am so incredibly impressed with your organization. You've always had an organization knack--so impressed!