Monday, November 9, 2015

Abby's 11! (and a room makeover)

 Abby decided several months ago that for her birthday, she wanted us to redo her room.  She's been in need of a new bed and she wanted to make the room fox themed.
Andy was willing to paint (I'm not a painter) and she wanted to help...

I searched forever online for a loft bed.  Eventually, I decided on a mid, or low loft with dresser and bookshelf.
I was cutting it close when I ordered it and wasn't sure if it would be here in time for the big day but it ended up arriving the day before!
Mom made a fox quilt for her...documented here on her blog.
It's just perfect!

We were able to keep Abby out of her room while we set up the bed and everything else.
Mom brought the quilt over while she was at school.
She was absolutely thrilled!
I love this picture :)

I've kind of been holding off on this post because there were things that weren't completely in place on her birthday that have since been taken care of.  I wanted to get a picture with the room complete, but the problem is, now that she's moved all of her things back in to the room, it's a mess.  She's got to sort through and throw out a bunch of stuff before I can take some good pictures.  I figured if I waited for it to be clean it would be quite a while before I here it is and hopefully later, I can add some more pictures :)

She found this bungee chair a few months ago at Bed Bath and Beyond.

 There were a couple of things I ordered online less than a week before her birthday and was pretty sure we wouldn't be seeing them until after the room reveal but the fox picture (seen on the dresser above) and the fox pillow cover (you can't see it very well but it's in the lower left corner of the picture below) barely made it to our home in the day of :)
 She was so very happy with it all and I was relieved!

We went to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner...

...and then went home and celebrated with cheesecake.

We also celebrated her and my brother James' birthday (his is the day after hers) the following Sunday at Mom and Dad's.

My Abs is such a special gal!
She is a peacemaker and good influence in our home.
Happy Birthday sweet you tons!

*Room Update*


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  2. Left a comment here last night--don't know what happened to it.
    I love the shots of Abby painting. : )
    And how fun that she was dressed to color coordinate with her new room!

  3. I love Abby's room! So much detail put into it all! I'm sure she is loving it too. Great job!