Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015

I was pretty lame this year and didn't get a whole lot of pictures on Halloween.
Since Ben didn't get to wear his Thomas costume to school last year because of seizures, I decided to just have him use the same costume this year.
Here he is watching for the bus...

Matt was Harry Potter a couple of years ago but his teacher this year is a huge HP fan so he wanted to be the same thing this year.  Easy :)...especially since Josh was HP two year ago as well so we had a size larger for Matt this year.  Abby originally wanted to be a pirate but thankfully changed to an easier idea last minute.  Here she is as a cute little smarty pants (I like that better than "nerd")

Josh was...I don't know what he was....
We bought a painting cover up suit thing for him because he wanted to put black tape on it and be a stick figure.  However, when he tried it on, it was huge.  He proceeded to stuff himself with pillows and looked so funny that he decided to ditch the tape.  We had several thoughts of what he could call himelf...Baymax, a white oompaloompah, and I think, what he ended up telling people at school, the Michelin man.

Right before we went out to trick or treat to grandparents, Ben had a seizure.  We knew his cluster was coming...he was long overdue so it was no surprise, but stinking timing :)
Andy stayed home with him while I took the other kids out.

Abby had her first year out trick or treating with friends and my parents and brothers came over for dinner and festivities as usual.
Fun night, just wish I had more pics :(
(Harry selfie)

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  1. The shots of the kids on the porch are great!
    Hard to believe those are your kids with my parents--when did they get so big (the kids, not the parents)?
    Love that selfie. : )