Thursday, July 20, 2017

Birthday Boys

We arrived home from our Hawaii stint the night before Andy's birthday.
Nancy had helped the kids decorate our house before they left to take the kids to their house where we joined them after our trip.  It was really decked out!
It was a low key kind of a day and I wish I had more pictures but we did celebrate and Andy even made sure the kids had treats even though he couldn't eat any.
It was the big 4-0!

This was my favorite gift I gave him...'With a body like this who needs hair?'

 Ben's big day was two days later...
The last day of school.

This is his favorite part of birthdays...blowing out the candles.
Since he doesn't do sugar, he couldn't eat his treats either but honestly, he doesn't even seem aware anymore.

He seemed less aware that it was his birthday (he calls it 'me day') than he has in past years.

Usually he gets into the unwrapping of gifts but we had to do some serious helping along with every single one.

He wasn't interested in getting his picture taken either so out came the tickle monster and we got a blurry smile.

I can't believe Ben is 8!
What a blessing he has been in our home.
We all love him to pieces!

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